Thursday, January 26, 2012

Unveiling the "Switch" cover -- and LIAC

I'm gonna kill two birds with one stone in this blog post. But not live birds! Stuffed birds. No animals will ever be harmed in the making of any of my blog posts. I can pledge you that.

First up, let's unveil the "Switch" cover! It is possible minor tweaks will be made later, but this is the cover.

Here's the (very rough draft) blurb:
Ellora Elaine Landry and June Clementine Blue Sky are forty years old and have led very different lives. June, raised by hippie parents, is an out lesbian who has protected her heart since her wife deserted her five years before. Ellora, from a conservative family, is leaving her controlling, manipulative husband.

June and Ellora come together after they find out a disturbed nurse switched them when they were newborns (along with four other pairs of babies over fifteen years). Ellora finds herself falling in love in June and grappling with what her feelings mean about her sexual identity. June, meanwhile, is reluctant to risk her heart again. Will they realize that perhaps they were fated to be together since their births?


Time for the second stuffed bird. I am a moderator for a Yahoo group nicknamed LIAC. That's short for Lesfic Independent Authors Consortium. Wow! A mouthful, right? I took over the reins recently, and it's a small group. It's made of lesfic authors who are indie or thinking about going indie. We basically support one another, share tips and relevant links, and so on. Here's the description on the front page:

Lesfic Independent Authors Consortium is a group of lesbian fiction authors who have chosen to self-publish their work (or as one of our owners puts it, be "fiercely independently published"). LIAC is set up so independent authors have a place to network with like-minded souls, share marketing tips and contacts for editors, cover designers, etc. We are colleagues, peers, and most importantly, friends. Welcome!

The link to join is here. You can participate as much or as little as you want. You can be traditionally published and still join. That's cool. Some of our members have an indie-publisher mix, and some are merely curious about going indie.

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