Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Third" Blurb Change (Again) -- Anne Is Revealed

I blogged here about adjusting the blurb for "Third."

Well, guess what? The blurb, it be a' changin' again. People kept telling me to keep it mysterious, mysterious was better, that they liked figuring out in the first few chapters of the book who Anne was. That was all well and good, but I always had niggling thoughts in the back of my mind if I oughtn't be more specific.

"Third" has been on sale about a week. It's sold decently, about forty-five copies, but still behind what I'm expected to seeing for my new releases. Who knows what the reason is. Could be "Q. Kelly" fatigue because "All in the Family" was released a few weeks earlier (selling pretty well), could be that I had "Third" priced at $7.99 (I've since dropped it to $6.99 to match my other novels), could be the polyamory thing, could be the time travel thing, could be the blurb just was not enticing, or not enticing enough.

OK! New blurb, no-holds-barred reveal of who Anne is. Blurb's been swapped out at all purchasing sites. And I've already had a few people say the newer blurb makes them take more notice.

Tudor historian Helen Franklin is horrified when her dying scientist father leaves her a most unusual inheritance: Anne Boleyn. Yep, Anne Boleyn as in Henry VIII's beheaded queen. She is a time traveler and is having trouble adjusting to the modern world. Helen tells herself she does not have time for Anne. Yalia, Helen's wife, has been distancing herself from Helen for three years, and Helen needs to decide if she wants to save their marriage.

Then the unexpected happens. A romantic relationship develops among Yalia, Anne and Helen. Can the three of them figure out their lives together, especially when time might be running out for Anne?

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