Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quality vs. Quantity

Tomorrow (probably) I will put aside "Third" for a few days to a few weeks so I can do a final read-through with fresh eyes. "Third" has been otherwise edited and is ready to go. "Third" has come a long way since the first draft that I've been posting in parts. As far as first drafts go, this is a good one. However, I doubt I'll repeat this work-in-progress experiment unless "Third" meets with tremendous sales. I'm just uneasy putting out work that hasn't been publication-polished.

Anyway, a bit daunting tomorrow ;-) And exciting. Why? All the works I've put out the past few months were already done in some form or the other. Even "Third" is based in part on a 10,000-word short story from a year or so ago. (It would've found its way into "The Old Woman" collection if I wasn't working on expanding it for publication.) "Third" came together extremely quickly, probably because I had the short story and had the novel plotted out in my head. "Switch" will be entirely from scratch. It will be great fun and interesting to see how long it takes me to write a book from scratch (writing-working full time). I am hoping six months or less because I'd like to put out two books a year. I think two books is enough to keep steady income coming in. (I hope I'm right.) But, I value quality over quantity. (I actually prefer a balance ;-) )

I'm not one of these people who labors for years over a word or a paragraph (some authors really do this, yes). I'm a practical person, a "time to move on" person.

Anyway, quality vs. quantity is an important balance for indie writers who are using their books as their sole income source. If you don't write enough, you might stop making enough money to keep you afloat. But if you write crappy stories, people will stop buying your work. I can make my readers this promise: I will never put out work that is not the best it could be. At the same time, I know how to write well and economically. I also have the advantage of writing full time, and my writing experience has helped me learn how to write faster without sacrificing quality.

Thank goodness! :)

I hope to unveil the "Switch" cover in a few weeks. Should be an awesome one.

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Leigh Ann Britt said...

First possible rough draft of the cover for switched uploaded.

Very rough draft.