Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Piracy Chatter

The lesfic world has been especially abuzz lately with piracy chatter. Authors are sending takedown notices left and right and beating their chests. Here's my take on the matter.

I noticed maybe a month ago that one of my works was being pirated. Another author I am fairly close with had a work being pirated on the same site, too. I informed her, and we had an interesting chat.

Bottom line: it is doubtful that sending takedown notices does any good. All it does is sap energy you would otherwise spend writing and promoting. I am basically looking at the matter like this: as a compliment that people think my work is good enough to be pirated. Has sending takedown notices and legal threats ever cut down on piracy? Not to my knowledge but maybe I am wrong. Pirates just shift their operations and get more sneaky.

In the meantime, I will keep writing and putting out good stuff. My sales are great, and so are the majority of my readers. People who pirate and who read pirated stuff are always gonna find ways to do what they do. I am not going to waste my writing energy on them. In this day and age, piracy is a natural side effect of being an author. Just have to deal with it. I'm a practical person, and I choose to use my time to do what I want to do: write novels, not write futile takedown notices.

Maybe I'm being naive. Maybe these notices really do work.


Lee Harlem said...

You're so right. Believing you could do something about it would be naive. Just be flattered for one minute, then ignore and move on.

Q. Kelly said...

Thank you for saying that. Other people have assailed me for doing nothing about it.