Friday, January 20, 2012

The Heart Is a Wonderful Creature ("Third" Is Out!)

"Third" is on sale now on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords and Nook. (Print coming soon; I will update here when that is ready).  I'm excited about this book, but then I'm excited about all my books.

Here are the first six and a half chapters in .pdf. No download necessary. "Third" is about 70,000 words. And here's the blurb:

Helen Franklin is horrified when her dying father leaves her a most unusual inheritance: a woman. The woman, Anne, is a time traveler with a tragic past. Helen tells herself she does not have time for Anne. Yalia, Helen's wife, has been distancing herself from Helen for three years, and Helen needs to decide if she wants to save their marriage.

Then the unexpected happens. A romantic relationship develops among Yalia, Anne and Helen. Can the three of them figure out their lives together, especially when time might be running out for Anne?

"Third" is a bit (perhaps a lot) different than my other books, and for me, that is saying something. Different on several fronts: the polyamory aspect, the time travel/sci-fi aspect and the historical fiction aspect. Three huge figures in history are characters in "Third," and a few scenes take place in the mists of time. One of the three time-traveling characters is a lead, and the second is an important supporting character who has a few POV chapters. The third character is not in the book much, although he's talked about a lot.

I think "Third" would do quite nobly in a competition for a pretty durn good cross-genre book. At its heart, though, it is a lesbian romance. Not a traditional romance, of course. That's where the polyamory part comes in. One thing I wanted to make sure I did with "Third" was show that three people can indeed fall in love like two people can, and that their feelings are just as valid. The heart is a wonderful creature, and love is a wonderful thing as well. I did not write "Third" for cheap thrills or titillation (nothing wrong with that, just was not my intent with "Third"). Along these lines, the emotional aspect of falling in love is important in "Third." This is especially so for Anne, who used to be involved in a tragic love triangle. She finds herself falling for a married lesbian couple, and her feelings horrify her.

I will probably do a blog post after "Third" has been out a few weeks explaining why I chose the characters I did. I am not doing it now because it may be spoiler-ish. It'll be a fun post! :-)

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