Thursday, January 26, 2012


The print proof for "Third" arrived today. It is gorgeous. Along these lines, "Third" is for sale in print now!

It will take five to seven days to wend its way into the Amazon system, but you can buy it now from CreateSpace.
And here's another review of "Third" from Amazon:

Each is beautiful in her own way.
Each has some serious regrets.
You would never guess what brings these 3 women to know each other.
It's fascinating and scintillating and makes me wonder what I would change in my own history if I could.
Q.Kelly has the ability to write about situations that are just a little "twisted" or maybe that's the wrong word.
Her stories have an edge to them that might be off putting at first but then you find yourself totally intrigued, not sleeping so good because you keep turning on the light and reading some more.
I was only curious about this story until I read "maf6355"s review here on Amazon.
Hope my 5 stars helps you decide to read this book.

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