Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A book is kind of like a wispy figment. It becomes real real REAL to me when a cover comes together. The "Switch" cover has been a struggle until today. Then the designer got a concept that clicked. More than clicked. This may be my most striking cover yet. I can't wait to unveil it.

When do your books become real to y'all?

(Updated):  Oh, yeah! The first review of "Third" is out. Awesome review over on Amazon. Here's the review:

When I first read the blurb for this book I had my doubts. As imaginative as the author is I wasn't sure she could bring off a story with a lead character that travels through time and becomes involved in a relationship with a married couple (lesbian) on the brink of divorce. I shouldn't have worried. Q, Kelly does a great job of making the premise plausible.

Helen Franklin and Yalia Yamato are deeply in love but their relationship is dying as a result of a trauma in Yalia's past. Helen is also experiencing a trauma with the death of her father and the discovery of what had been his life's work. It is this unwelcome discovery that brings our time traveler Anne into their lives.
Anne had been a chattel to men in her time period and with the kindness of Helen and Yalia she blossoms into her own person. She finds she has feelings for both of these women and while they recognize that she has been damaged by her past she is able to see that they too have been wounded and it is the vulnerabilities of the three women that bring them together.

The way the characters work out their feelings and handle the repercussions of travelling through time while dealing with a man who wants to control their destiny makes for a satisfying read.

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