Monday, December 19, 2011

Which work is most popular with my readers (using email as a metric)?

So, mail. I love getting mail from my readers. (Well, not the attack emails. These I don't love.) But I love the telegrams, the faxes, the snail mails, the postcards, the airplane-in-the-sky trail messages and the airplane banner messages.

Okay, so I just get emails. No telegrams (yet) ;-)

Something interesting, though, and I wanted to share it with you all. I wrote here about why I love short stories and how I feel they're underappreciated compared with novels. Tell you something. The story that gets the majority of my email is a short. Yep, "The Old Woman" (in the "The Old Woman and Other Lesbian Stories" collection). Does it sell the most? Hardly, not even close. "Waiting" is my huge, top seller. My short story collections were dead last before I decided to make them free (might as well. They weren't selling much so I figured they would make decent loss leaders).

One interesting thing is that half the people who write about "The Old Woman" are not lesbians. I have gotten mail from straight women and straight men of all ages. Both types have said they finished the story crying/with tears in their eyes. This makes me quite happy, other than for the obvious reasons. It shows me that (I hope) more and more straights are appreciating lesbian fiction and that some themes transcend sexuality, race, gender, you name it.

Also makes me regret I decided against making a print copy of this collection and entering it into the awards that require print copies (Lammies, GCLS). Oh well.... :-)

**** You can get "The Old Woman" collection at Amazon, Smashwords and BN.

And yeah, the sole BN review is two stars and says this:


Stories were too short and kinda dumb. Nothing special.

(Back to me) Can't please everyone, right? ;) If you enjoyed my collection, please post a review at BN (and/or elsewhere). I don't want that review at BN to be the only one. You don't have to have purchased from BN. And heck, even if you didn't enjoy it, go ahead, post a review.


Daily Blog said...

You deserve more credit at BN than what you got so far so I made an account to post a second review. You have something very beautiful - it should be enjoyed by larger audience.

Q. Kelly said...

Thank you so much. I really appreciate what you did.