Friday, December 23, 2011


"Switch" is the tentative (working) title of my new project. I'll dive into it after I finish "Third," but I figured I'd share the basic premise with y'all. I'm excited!

I envision the opening scene as two women (in their 40s) meeting for the first time -- probably at a restaurant or coffee shop, that type of place. The next day, each woman is slated to meet the other's family for the first time. These two women are part of a huge news story. The son of a dead hospital nurse was going through his mother's possessions. He found a journal, and in that journal, his mother recorded how she switched five pairs of babies during her tenure at the hospital. These two women are one of these pairs, and they're quite different in personality and upbringing. They DO look similar (one of the reasons the nurse chose to switch them). Anyway, since I write lesbian fiction that usually has two women end up together, you can guess where this goes :-D

Look for "Third" in February. February is probably when I'll start extensive writing on "Switch."


Mary Anne said...

Thanks for the news on the new book. I'm looking forward to AITF and Third and now Switch. It's a Christmas present for your fans. Happy Holiday!
Mary Anne

Q. Kelly said...

It's a Christmas present for me too! I love writing, and I'm glad I am able to do it.

Happy holidays to you too.