Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Strange Bedfellows" wins Rainbow Award!

Woo! I am psyched like you would not believe. "Strange Bedfellows" tied for second for the 2011 LGBT Rainbow Awards. (Note: These awards run from, I believe, September to August, so the 2011 year isn't the regular calendar year, and is also why "SB" is the only book I could enter for 2011.)

Congrats to all the winners.

Best Lesbian Contemporary Romance

And the Rainbow Award goes to:
1) Robin Summers - After the Fall
2-tie) Colette Moody - Parties in Congress
Q. Kelly - Strange Bedfellows
3) Karis Walsh – Harmony
Honourable Mention:
5) Lisa Girolami - Jane Doe
6) Bobbi Marolt - Loving Liz
7) Lesley Davis - Playing Passion’s Game
8) Radclyffe – Firestorm
9-tie) Rachel Spangler - The Long Way Home
D.L. Line - Head Trip

More about the awards here.
What the judges said about "Strange Bedfellows":

I've read books that are so good that I just can't put them down until I finish them. I've also read books that have been very difficult to get through because they are terrible. This book was different. I wanted the story to go on forever and found myself putting it down just so that I could come back to it later! It's kind of difficult to explain but it was so well written, and the characters were so realistic, I just wanted to have it to come back to again and again. Great read! --Mitzie

Loved the characters, loved the story! --Tammy

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