Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Drop your Thursday night plans!

Have plans Thursday night? DROP 'EM ;-) No, not really, but from Lara Z. comes thus: This Thursday, December 15 on Readings in Lesbian & Bisexual Women's Fiction I have the pleasure of interviewing Q. Kelly, author of the very popular books (and ebooks) "Waiting" "The Odd Couple" and "Strange Bedfellows."

Tune in Thursday to catch the interview:

Q. Kelly will be in the chat room during the show for your questions, and her wife, Melanie, will be on the air with me.

Click here for all the connection details:

*** OK, back to me now (Q. Kelly). In case you're wondering why my wife is on the air, it's because I am deaf. (The same arrangement went on for the Cocktail Hour chat here.)

AND if you're deaf/hh and you'd like a transcript, I have one to send you starting at show time and anytime thereafter.

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