Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012: Writing, Teaching, Or...?

R.G. Emanuelle at Women and Words asked about writing goals for 2012. I went: "Hmm." Writing goals were something I had not thought about, which is kind of foolish, considering writing is what I do now. I guess I'm just good at planning unconsciously. I am a dang good planner and dang good at saving money, too.

Anyway, this is what I wrote over there: "Goals, huh? I had not thought about this, but I should! So thanks for the question. Hmm, I guess my goals (especially if I decide not to do teaching in the fall) are to get “Switch” finished and published in 2012. I have gotten much better at writing speedily (though writing full time helps), so my #1 writing goal is to basically continue putting out quality works at a good pace, which in turn leads to me continuing to be able to live entirely on my indie writing income."

That's it, basically ;-) I'm torn on whether I want to do teaching, especially since it means a move to a different city. I really like what I have going now, and if/when I teach, my writing is going down dramatically. The next few months will be pivotal in my decision.

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