Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"The Old Woman and Other Lesbian Stories"

I haven't said Sasquatch in my blog lately, so here are some Sasquatches.


In other, non-Sasquatch news, here are blurbs and some excerpts from "The Old Woman and Other Lesbian Stories." Look for it on Kindle, Nook and Smashwords. The cover is not finalized but should be by Sunday. This short-story collection is about 21,000 words and will sell for a steal of $2.99.

The Old Woman Jessica is a pretty good best friend, but she goes too far when she dares Rachel to ask an old woman on a date. Rachel has no choice; otherwise Jessica will do the asking, and Rachel has no intention of humiliating the old woman. Turns out maybe Jessica's idea was not so bad after all. There is a lot more to Ada than her age.

Funeral Olivia takes a drastic step to combat lesbian bed death.

The Lesbian Curse Becky and Katy are in middle school and tussling over a boy. Becky curses Katy, saying Katy will become a lesbian.

Polly Wanna Cracker Polly is a bird. A parrot, to be exact. She follows the goings-on of her human family, especially Faye, the daughter, and Glenda, the mother. Polly knows their secrets too. Will Polly spill the beans when she finds herself able to talk after bonking her head against a window?

What Girlfriend? Bobbie hopes her one-night stand won't pull the U-Haul trick.

Haunted Haunted people? Sure, they're everywhere. Haunted houses? Oooh, spooky. Good movie fodder. Excellent for campfire scares. Haunted cars? They’re not unheard of. But haunted pens? Yep, they exist, as Linda and Victoria find out when such a pen brings them together.

Fortune Best friends Jackie and Emma go to a fortune teller. Emma is shocked when the teller reveals to Jackie that Emma is her secret admirer.

Lili from the Future It's a dream many people have; your future self visits you and fucks you. EXCERPT .pdf (no download required)

Lizzie Twelve-year-old Shel is not sure if her best friend means it when he says he's going to kill a person.


Anonymous said...

Late last night, facing another sleepless night, I downloaded "The Old Woman." I thought, "Who needs sleep, when I can laugh the night away?" As one introvert to another, thanks so much for your talent and very funny stories.

Q. Kelly said...

Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the collection.

I like being an introvert ;)