Friday, November 18, 2011

Disclaimers listed for my works

For people who want disclaimers, here they are for my works:

"Third": in progress - none (posting this because the rough draft is being posted in installments)

"The Old Woman and Other Lesbian Stories": None

"Waiting": One character may or may not have tried to commit suicide BEFORE the story begins, issue of if it was actually attempted suicide is never resolved)

"Strange Bedfellows": Fleeting references to abuse at an anti-gays camp for children; one character has a dead/drowned child (happens BEFORE the book opens)

"The Odd Couple": One character's son committed suicide before the book opens (this is in the current blurb), one character was raped before the book opens.

"Miss Lucy Parker and Other Short Stories": "Every Day" - a character contemplates suicide; "The Doctor" - child molestation references; "Guardian Angel" narrator is a possible serial killer/mentally ill person -- Possibly not.

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