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"All in the Family" cover and blurb (updated with excerpt)

Look for "All in the Family" in January 2012,
in e-book and paperback :)

"All in the Family"

Allison Albrecht and Samantha Cannizarro are thrown together when their parents become engaged. Sam is deaf, so Allison begins to learn sign language. Allison is eager to please Sam and to make a good impression on her. Sam does not care about good impressions. She is a loner, always has been, and she resents her new instant family, especially her stepmother-to-be. Sam is also reluctant to bond with three-year-old Allen. However, Allison and Allen gradually crack Sam's facade, and the two girls fall in love.

But life in a stepfamily is rarely easy. Throw in romance between two stepsiblings, and the ride is going to be bumpy.


No part of this story may be reproduced without the permission of the author.
From "All in the Family" Copyright © 2011 by Q. Kelly

This is an excerpt. The final version may be slightly different. For the entire story, check out Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble IN JANUARY 2012.
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(From chapter nine)

Sam fingered the note in her pocket. "Did you have fun this week?"
"Lots of fun," Allison replied, but her uneasy smile told a different story.
"Was shopping with your mother fun?"
"Eh. It was fine."
Sam and Allison strolled for about two miles. Sam tried to enjoy the caress of the wet sand under her feet but gave up. There was no use; her thoughts were fixated on one person only, and her stomach clenched every time she sneaked a look at Allison. Sam had the overwhelming need to say something, anything. "Corny didn't like the beach. Dad and I took him one time."
Allison stopped in mid-stride. "Yeah?"
Sam smiled at the memory. "He hated it. He was thrilled to get home. I never liked the beach either, but Dad's crazy about it. Ick. Sunburn, overweight men in Speedos." What are you doing? Talking about her dead dog and the downsides to the beach was not the way to ease into the conversation she needed to have.
"I kind of like the beach," Allison countered. "Way too crowded at this time of year. It’d be perfect in the fall or winter."
Sam nodded her agreement.
Another mile passed. "We should turn back," Allison said.
Sam's heart sank. "Guess so." She and Allison reversed direction.
"I had a lot of fun with you this week. I always do. But you've been quiet. Distracted."
"Yep." Sam mentally kicked herself for being such a chicken. But she was not the only nervous one. Allison kept wiping the palms of her hands against her shorts. She's nervous too. Why am I rushing this? They needed more time. They had been on pinpricks around each other. Better to go back to the way it was. Right?
"Are you okay?" Allison asked.
Sam stopped. Allison was giving her the perfect opening. On purpose? "I'm fine," Sam began. "I just..." Do it, do it. She remembered one of her lines. But only the first line. The rest she forgot.
Sam tried to smile but could not. "Let’s go on."
About half an hour later, the condo building came into view. They would be back in about five minutes. Great. Sam became angrier by the second. She had accomplished nothing. This dickering was going to stop. Right now. She was going to pull Allison to her and kiss her. She was too chicken with words, so a kiss would have to do.
Allison brushed her fingers against Sam’s, just a tiny bit, as if she was testing. When Sam did not resist, Allison entwined their hands.
Goosebumps invaded Sam's body. Oh, God, oh God. Allison had taken her hand. They were holding hands. It felt good, so good. Allison liked her. She did! She must. Because stepsisters did not do this. Friends did not do this.
Sam stared at a light in the distance, and Allison tightened her grasp and edged closer. The beach world disappeared. Sam forgot about the water lapping at her feet and about the few stars peeking out. She was lost in bliss. Everything was right in the universe.
A group of male revelers shook Sam out of her daze. The men were throwing wood into a bonfire in front of the condo building. Sam wondered if she should let go of Allison's hand. Or if Allison would do it. Neither broke the contact. Their touch gradually slipped away as if nothing had happened.
Note. Now.
Sam’s fingers curled around the note in her pocket, and she pried it out. No going back. This is it. Sam jammed the paper in Allison’s hand.
Allison jerked back as if she had been scorched by hot coals, and Sam retreated a few steps away.
Allison unfolded the note with a painful slowness and read. She did not look at Sam, but Sam took in every detail of her stepsister's reaction: every twitch, every blink, every movement. As Sam went over the note in her mind, she cursed herself. What had she been thinking? It was cheesy. Nonchalant. Incoherent. Allison would burst out laughing.

Allison- The past few months with you have been incredible. From the first moment I set eyes on you, I knew you were special. I think about you all the time: your smile, your hair, the way you look at me and interpret for me. I'm crazy about you. But if you just want to be friends, if you don't return my feelings, I hope I haven't screwed up too much. I'd love to be your friend.
Always, Sam

Sam willed herself not to cry. She had irreparably ruined her relationship with her stepsister, hadn't she? What had she been thinking? Allison did not like her back romantically. Why would she? Sam hoped Allison would be her friend. She would be okay with that, truly.
Allison looked up at Sam, and Sam saw everything in Allison's gaze. Tears. Love. Anxiety. The world. A future. "This is the sweetest thing anyone's done for me."
Sam swallowed. Wait for the "but."
She waited. And waited. Nothing.
"But what?" Sam prompted.
Allison blinked. "No but."
"No but?"
Allison ventured a little, half-scared, half-shy smile. "I fell for you the first time I met you. No, before that. When your dad showed me your picture. I think it was your smile. How mysterious it was, and your eyes."
"I’ve never kissed a girl," Sam said.
"Neither have I."
"Can I kiss you? Now?"
Allison nodded jerkily. "Now's good. And later. Both."
Allison took a tiny step forward. "Yes."

This is an excerpt. The final version may be slightly different. For the entire story, check out Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble IN JANUARY 2012.

You can also email me at for a copy. :-)

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I am so looking forward to this, I can hardly wait until it comes out!!!!

Q. Kelly said...

Yay! I'm glad. This is a very special book for me, for multiple reasons. But, heck, all my books are very special to me.