Friday, October 7, 2011

"Waiting" (and updated "The Odd Couple" links)

OK, ladies, germs, tigers and Sasquatches. "The Odd Couple" is for sale on Kindle and (And, of course, it's still for sale on Smashwords.)

Now on to "Waiting"! This is a book I started in 2009. Before 2009, actually, in short-story form. "Waiting" has taken a long while to make it to publication. "Strange Bedfellows" was released in August, but it is younger than "Waiting." "Waiting" took so long because it was not gelling at first, so halfway through, I changed one of the romantic leads. After finishing several drafts, I decided to go back to the original pairing. I'd found a way to make that pairing gel. So, a lot of rewriting was involved, and then throw in my normal editorial process (which involves putting aside my work for a few months at least so I go back to it fresh, and having many pairs of eyes go through it).

Bottom line: "Waiting" is being published today. It should be on Smashwords today (Smashwords converts instantly) and on Kindle and BN in the next few days.

I've posted two excerpts for "Waiting."
Excerpt 1
Excerpt 2

Here's what "Waiting" is all about:
Caris Ismay, 30, is falling in love with a woman she dares not pursue, and at exactly the wrong time. Caris knew that life after having her baby would be different, especially since her wife did not love her anymore. But Caris never expected post-baby life to be this difficult. Dale, her wife of three years, is in a coma that turns into a vegetative state. Lena, Dale's 29-year-old daughter, is put in the awkward position of revealing Dale's secrets to Caris.

Caris and Lena share a perfect, passionate kiss that they cannot stop thinking about. Plus, they can help each other in ways no one else can. They try to build a friendship, but their growing attraction gets in the way. Can Caris and Lena move past the taboo of their attraction and find their path together?

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