Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Rose Is a Rose...Except It Isn't ;-)

OK, ladies, gentle pens and Sasquatches. I love typing Sasquatches. Sasquatches, Sasquatches, Sasquatches. Speaking of Sasquatches, I mentioned to one of my readers I was thinking of doing a lesbian romance with the leads as a Sasquatch and a human woman. My reader was horrified, but I still like the idea. I can pull it off :D

On to the topic of this blog post: Waiting." Let me explain how two "Waiting" subplots came to be (well, three, really). I had a nice, spanking, edited copy of "Waiting." One problem: the word count was too short for publishers. Publishers like to see at least 60,000 words for a book. Some publishers will accept 40,000 words, but these books have to be "light." "Waiting" is not "light," so something in the neighborhood of 45,000 words would not do. I tried to see where I could expand in several areas, but I'd adequately covered the main plot. Here's what one of my readers said yesterday: "You have a style that I'm not sure how to describe.  The best I can come up with is compact,  you pack a lot into your story with minimal words.  Personally, I like it and find it refreshing."

So, I'd packed a good deal into 45,000 words and I didn't see where the main plot needed expansion. So, I added a few subplots. After I was done with THEM, I thought: "Yep. "Waiting" is improved, actually." And I still think that. These subplots added more and moved up the first kiss between Caris and Lena, which went off beautifully and upped the tension.

And I really do think "Waiting" is the better for the subplot additions. I've been through a great deal in my life. And life keeps throwing me more issues. I'm still ticking, and so are my characters ;-) This is not to say I think my writing is perfect and needs no improvement. No one's perfect, and I hope to improve with each book. I take reader feedback seriously. Now that I am true-blood indie, I don't have to worry about publisher word count guidelines, and I can add (or do without) as many subplots as I like.

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