Monday, October 24, 2011

Number One! :-)

I have a little story that ties into how indie publishing (or I should say, indie authors) is thriving, in many ways, in the lesfic community.

Last week, my book "Waiting" hit #1 on the Amazon lesbian list. This means it was the #1-selling lesfic book on Amazon. Needless to say, I was happy. HAPPY! 100,000,000-point-font HAPPY. "Waiting" had hit #3 soon after its release but had not hit #1 yet. That took a couple of weeks after it hit #3. It stayed at #1 for a few days, and since then it has hovered in the top 15.

Here is where matters get interesting. What I noticed when looking at the top 10 (when "Waiting" was #1) is that four of the top ten books were indies.

Would "Waiting" have hit #1 if it was not indie? Possibly, but what I DO know is that it hit #1 as indie. (And that "Strange Bedfellows" hit #1 in Germany with me as indie.)

"Waiting" was rejected by a big-name lesfic publisher. The publisher said "Waiting" was excellently written but simply was not marketable, especially as a romance. ("Waiting" certainly is not a formulaic romance.) I hope I've proved that publisher wrong about sales. Of course, only the long term will say if "Waiting" continues to sell decently. What I do know is that many people have written to me, saying they enjoy seeing romances that are not fluff.

So, back to the #1 thing. I imagine several factors drove sales, such as the strength of "Strange Bedfellows," a review by Salem West over at Rainbow Reader, and just the "Waiting" plot summary. I also think the $6.99 price tag had a lot to do with it. No way I could sell my books at $6.99 with a publisher. So, who knows, your chances of being #1 as an indie may be better than with a regular publisher. This goes without saying, but I will say it anyway-- AS LONG AS your book has at least a decent cover, is properly written, properly edited, all the etcs.

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