Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Editing Tips

Once in a while, I post editing tips on my Facebook page, My G+ account and my Twitter. Errors I see during my regular editing work inspire these tips. Here, I've put together a few of these tips. I'll make another blog post along these lines once I have enough tips for another round.

(1) No need to say December of 2001 or May of 2001. Say December 2001, or May 2001.

(2) The phrase "need to have" is redundant. Example: "I need to have a job." Just say: "I need a job."

(3) No need to say "past work experience." The word "experience" takes care of the "past" part. So, just say: "work experience."

(4) Look for common-sense redundancies. Example: "The changing weather outside...." Where else is weather? No need for "outside."

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