Sunday, September 18, 2011

Keta's Keep Featured Author

Wednesday morning, starting at 6, I'll be the featured author on Keta's Keep ( Guess what that means? You can win a free copy of "Strange Bedfellows." Leave your email address AND a comment in the comments section of my featured author post (which will be posted about 6 a.m.). After a few days, I'll pick one commenter at random. When you post your email address, put in (at) and (dot) instead of @ and . -- to foil spambots.

And while we're talking about giveaways, remember I have one going on at Goodreads until the end of September ( Go to "enter to win." Your chances should be better with Keta's Keep-- less entries. Good luck ;-)

Also, if you live in the
Roanoke, Virginia, area, the store A Little Bit Hippy will be carrying "Strange Bedfellows" in print in a few days. I'll post again with more details once the store has copies.

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