Sunday, October 14, 2018

Last Call to Read My Books in KDP Select

My three-month KDP Select period is drawing to a close. About October 26, I'll be moving my books back to other channels. If you go through Scribd, you should still be able to read my stuff (and a bunch of other good stuff!) for a monthly flat price.

My books on Amazon:

Monday, August 27, 2018

"Coach Z" Is Out!

Hey everyone! My newest book, "Coach Z," is out. Check out the blurb below.


Melissa MacKenzie, a basketball star in high school, never wanted to play college ball. The daughter of a legendary women’s coach, she has played since she was in diapers. Basketball was always a chore for Melissa, and she never developed the passion and skills necessary to garner much Division I attention. She hoped that by attending college across the country, she could get a break from basketball and carve out her own place in the world.

Parental interference conspired, and Melissa ended up playing for the Richmond College Ravens, riding the bench for four years.
As Melissa’s last NCAA tournament approaches, she wonders if she wasted the past few years by not giving her all. However, a series of unfortunate events means that Melissa has no more time to dwell on these woes—because she’s being pressed into service. Now she’s a starter, and all eyes are on her and the Ravens’ head coach, Andi Zappa.

Andi is fighting her own demons, and Richmond College is letting her go after the season ends. The two women work together to ensure that the Ravens don’t embarrass themselves too much on the national stage, and they find themselves playing with matters of the heart as well as matters of basketball as the national championship looms.

Will these human frailties doom them or make them stronger?


To buy, you can get it on Kindle:


Smashwords should be distributing it to other retailers any day now. So, you'll have access to it soon in iBooks, the Nook store, Scribd and others.

I'm working on a sequel, so hopefully, that pans out. Happy reading!

Friday, August 10, 2018

A Mix of Genres and a New Novel

Here's a reminder that my lesfic books, novellas and shorts are in Kindle Unlimited. To save myself some time from having to link to each book page below, here's my Amazon author page:

If you like reality TV or comedy (hmm, they're the same, no? ;) ), check out "Reality Lesbian" and "Reality Lesbian 2."

Are you all starry-eyed for ghost stories? Check out "Time and Time Again."

Have a crush on Halloween? Read, "Hit and Run," and "Woman Behind the Mask."

Adore the royals? Check out "Knowing Katharine," "Loving Katharine," "Marrying Emma," and "Third."

What about fairy tales or fairy-tale royals? Get yourself, "The Girl Prince and Her Princess."

If you enjoy some angst or drama with your romance, try, "Strange Bedfellows" (and its sequels), "The Odd Couple," "Waiting," "All in the Family" and "Switch."

If you want stories that touch on current topics, try "One Hour" and "Waiting." They were both written a few years ago, "Waiting" in particular, but are still very relevant to today's political climate.

 You'll find most of my funny writing in short stories, but some, such as "The Old Woman," are poignant as well. There's a nice mix of romance, sci-fi, comedy and so on. There's Cupid doing his arrow work on two female candidates for president, a dare to ask an old woman out on a date, a green pill that can make straight people gay and gay people straight and even a haunted pen. There's much more in collections such as"The Old Woman and Other Lesbian Stories" and "Cupid Pulls a Prank and Other Lesbian Tales."

I have a book coming out soon too. I'm very excited about it. It's a basketball story, woo-hoo. It was a lot of fun to write. More on that in a few, hopefully.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Searching for the First "Woman"

Recently,  I served up five beginnings. I wanted to do something a little different this time, and as usual, the idea I came up with may be kind of crazy. Oh well! ;)

I put in a search for the first mention of the word "woman" for five of my stories, and here are the results. Hey, I write about women, so it works! I KNEW that word would be in there somewhere. For you diligent folks, I've bolded the "woman" word to save you time looking for it.


"The Odd Couple," first published in 2008 by Regal Crest and republished by me in 2011

The group's leader, a smartly dressed woman, spoke: "Tell us about him. Who was he?"

Charlene forced herself to meet the woman's gaze. Who was he? Good question.

"Your husband? Boyfriend? Son? Brother? Friend?"

"Son," Charlene muttered.

"When did it happen?"

"Almost three years ago. September 25, at 5:07 p.m. I know because when I heard the gunshot and ran into his room, the clock was…was…it was the first thing I saw. 5:07."

The group's leader fingered her pearl necklace and attempted a smile. "So an anniversary isn't too far off. That’s always a difficult time."

"Anniversary." Charlene bristled at the feel of the word on her tongue. "How should I celebrate? Throw a party with pointy pink hats and a big old chocolate cake? Happy third year dead? Would y'all like to come?"

The dozen or so faces flinched. "No, of course not," the jowly man said. "She just meant…hey. We're glad you're here. Is this your first group?"

"The Old Woman," published in 2011 as part of an anthology of short stories

"In case you haven't noticed, that is what I've been doing. And guess what? It ain't working. The next woman to walk into this aisle, you ask her out. On a date. No fudging about it."

I laughed. "Whatever. No."

"Come on, it'll be fun."

"Yeah, I'll be asking out some ugly homophobic chick or something.  No thanks. Or..." My chest tightened. "Or Janet. I bet she'll be the next person."

Jessica sighed and ran a hand through her closely cropped brown hair. "Janet's clear across the country!"

"Thanks for reminding me."

"It's been six months! Have some fun."

I pretended to survey a row of peanuts. But it was Janet's face, her green eyes, her long black hair, her crooked nose thanks to a softball injury, that burned my vision.

"I appreciate this, really. You putting up with me and all that. But I'm not going to ask some random stranger out. I'm not you. You know I can't do that."

"The Young and the Lesbian," a novella published in 2016

“Have you met the one, Dash? The woman you want to spend your life with? That’s why you’re doing this!”

Oscar is the person I want to spend my life with. “How did you know I was gay?”

“A sixth sense,” Martha said.

“Oh, Mom. Come on.”

“A mother knows,” she insisted. “You always were a tomboy. Climbing trees. Playing baseball. Other teenage girls tacked posters of actors and singers onto their walls. You tacked on posters of Marie Curie, Eleanor Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart.”

“That means nothing! I was an idealistic teen who wanted to achieve great things. I wanted to play these women in movies and win Oscars.”

“Exactly. You didn’t care about being in romance films with helpless heroines. You wanted to play women who were great in their own right.”

“How does that mean I’m a lesbian?”

“Well, you are,” Martha said triumphantly. “I told you, Jim! I told you. Twice engaged, never married.”

“Mother! Hank and William turned out to be wrong for me. We were incompatible.”

“Of course you were incompatible. You’re gay, Dash. Now, dear, don’t hold back. Tell your daddy and me about your new lover.”

"Reality Lesbian," a novel published in 2013

Lucy Marshall had slept with a woman once—a fumbling, drunken encounter in college. Alcohol and ten years had turned Lucy’s memories of the experience into thin, wispy threads, but once in a while, she thought about her mouth on Darcy Clark’s stomach and Darcy’s mouth on Lucy’s breasts. The encounter hadn’t been terrible. In fact, it was quite nice but didn’t change the reality that Lucy liked only men.

Which was why she gaped at her best friend, Henry. “You signed me up for a lesbian dating show?” Lucy sputtered.

Henry grinned. “I sure did.”

"Woman Behind the Mask," a novella published in 2015

I folded the note and tucked it inside the shotgun. Five minutes later, I zoomed in again on Zorro. He stood near the punch bowl, and my gaze was far from the only one on him. Every minute or so, a woman approached him, and he smiled in response and whispered briefly. One of the women was Clotilda, the pastor’s eighty-eight-year-old mother. She got rather affectionate and handsy.

"Westinhoffer, Andrew Brian, 16," a short story published in 2012 with the anthology, "Cupid Pulls a Prank and Other Lesbian Tales"

Andrew Brian Westinhoffer was six pounds, six ounces and a screamer. Elizabeth was the one who woke up to feed him. And then three months after he was born, Linda told Elizabeth she had fallen in love with another woman.

We're over, we're over, we're over...

This new woman, Brenda, said Linda, would be Andrew's other mother. Best that way, really.

"No," Elizabeth said, stunned. "I'm his mother. You can't take that away from me."


So, there you have it! Two  novels, a novellas and two short stories--all free to read with your Kindle Unlimited subscription!

A Tasty Selection of Beginnings

I have lots of stories (author-wise and reader-wise). Hey, that's what happens when you read books like you breathe air and need a great excuse to drink fraps--you gotta have the caffeine to write! ;)

Anyway, I recently put my novels, novellas and short stories into Kindle Unlimited. Yep, the whole dang tasty pie. It's a lot of stuff, and if you are unsure where to start, maybe this will help. Below, I have the beginnings of five works selected at random. I have lots of other works too, so expect a few more posts similar to this one.


"Victoria's Very Awkward Love Story," novel published in 2012

Victoria Dourne struck the jackpot on her first seduction attempt. Never mind that she was eighteen years old, nervous as hell and supposed to screw up.


Pauline Ross said yes. In a necessary, vague, roundabout way, of course. Didn’t take much. Some chatter about her tie, and the woman opened up—illustrating the validity of Victoria’s research. People were lonely. Often, they didn’t want to go home. Victoria sure didn’t. What waited for her: an upside-down dorm room and probably Markie in bed with her greasy Caleb.

Pauline exited the lobby of the Best Western Harrisonburg Inn, and Victoria scrambled to meet her.

“We’re on the second floor,” Pauline said. Minty freshness flew from her smile and nearly knocked Victoria over. Pauline must’ve sneaked into a lobby bathroom and doused her mouth with breath spray. Victoria had chewed cinnamon gum. Less obvious than breath spray.

In silence, they climbed the steps, and Pauline poked her key in the electronic lock.
Red light.

She frowned and jabbed her key in again. Red light part two.

“Try mine,” Victoria offered.

Green light. Click. Success.

"Hit and Run," short story first published by Ylva Publishing and republished by me in 2014

I feel sorry for my hero. Or heroine. I wish he or she would reach out to me. Somehow. I’d say, “Don’t beat yourself up. Zachary had it coming. As a matter of fact, I’m extremely grateful. How about dinner? My treat.”

I prefer a heroine over a hero. Of course I do. More fitting that way—a woman taking down the mean, abusive son of a bitch who was my husband. On the other hand, women are more prone to guilt. Yeah, I deal in stereotypes. Sue me. A man, a certain kind of man, I can see moving on from mowing Zachary down. A woman could not, not deep down in her core. She’d fret and fret and never forgive herself. Guilt and anxiety would drive her to an early death. The fear of being caught would accompany her every action.

In any case, I don’t need to know much about my hero or heroine. I just want a quick meeting, a handshake, exchanged smiles. I would whisper comfort: It’s all right, it’s all right, don’t feel bad, he was horrible, just horrible, you did the world a favor.  

"The Girl Prince and Her Princess," novella published in  2012

Once upon a time, a king and queen with hair of spun gold and eyes of the clear blue sky ruled the land of Athena. They governed with benevolence and good grace. Their subjects loved them. However, as they neared the end of their childbearing years, they had yet to produce a child. They tried and tried, several times a day in fact, with nothing to show for it.

The kingdom desperately needed a prince, and stress made itself evident. King Attus’s once-thick mane of blond hair receded at an alarming rate, and a new wrinkle appeared on his handsome face every day. Sadness settled in Queen Elizaveta’s eyes, and she took to sitting at windows and sighing wistfully. She stared at nothing in particular.

"Loving Katharine," a novel published in 2018

Lucas and Jo could not agree on how to send the message. Lucas, the elder sibling at eleven years old and well-versed in email, wanted to send it electronically. Jo, at nine and a stalwart lover of all things physical, insisted that postal mail would make a bigger impact.

 “No way you could wait that long for a reply,” Lucas said with a scoff. “Look.” Using his tablet, he stabbed the general area where they lived in Chicago and trailed his finger a good few inches across to the United Kingdom. “It’ll be a month if we’re lucky!”

Jo rolled her eyes. “I know where Britain is, thank you very much. Email would be too impersonal, and you know it.”

Lucas sighed, and the whoosh of air flipped up his long bangs. “Let’s type, then we can decide if we want to write the words. None of this matters if we don’t get anything down.”

Jo grinned and sat on Lucas’s bed. “Give me your tablet.”

He obliged, and she began to type, her brows furrowed in concentration. “Hello, Your Majesty,” she voiced.

“Dear,” Lucas said. “Dear Your Majesty.”

Jo made the correction and murmured as she typed, “My name is Jo, and I’m nine. My brother Lucas is eleven, and you used to know our mother. Dated her. Loved her. We’re hoping you still love her because she…” Jo bit her lip.

“Gimme.” Lucas grabbed the tablet and pecked at the keyboard. “Mom’s a great person. Incredible, and she would never say it, but she’s kind of stuck in her life. She’s lonely too. She’d love to hear from you.”

"The Psychic and the Damsel in Distress," a short story published in 2014

The first psychic seemed promising. Telah liked her very much. Miss Theo was quiet, serious, unsmiling. Dedicated. She knew what she was doing. But a car hit and killed her. Telah wondered if Miss Theo saw it coming.

Telah hated the next psychic. Merry had been loud and disrespectful after the first few sessions. She said Claire was dead, but Telah knew Claire wasn’t dead. She felt it in her bones, in her gut, in every fiber of her being. Claire was alive and needed her mother. Telah didn’t waste much time with Merry.

Number three had been better. The fact he was a man didn’t put Telah off. She’d never heard of a male psychic, but so what? All that mattered was finding her daughter.

The man called himself Robert Joe, and he was like Miss Theo: quiet, expressionless, driven. Telah’s cause became his, and finding Claire obsessed his life much like it did Telah’s. Then came the day when, his face gaunt, his eyes black and unreadable, he stared Telah down from across the table. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I can’t do this anymore. I sense that Claire is dead.”

** For my lesfic fans, this is a head's up that the "The Psychic and the Damsel in Distress" is general fiction, not lesfic. Anyone should enjoy it! :) As the Amazon reviews say...

"This is the type of writing Kelly is known for, something really good and thought-provoking and ultimately just plain WEIRD -- just what I love!"

"I really liked this story. As a matter of fact, I like all of the author's stories. She has a great imagination and a fearless writing style."

"This little story was a quick read. Despite being short it was filled with drama. Start to finish Q. Kelly wrote a good story with a little suspense, a little drama and a good ending. Something to fill the time between ending a longer novel and the beginning of another. Don't miss an opportunity for a delightful story."


Not bad, eh? :) So, that's five potential works to help you get started--two novels, a novella and two short stories. The shorts are about 8,000 words each.

Also! Since I picked these works randomly, the two novels happen to be part of a series. They stand well alone, though, so jump right into them if that doesn't bother you. You can check out the other books in the series later if you're so inclined.

If you like to start series from the beginning, the first book with Victoria is "Strange Bedfellows," and for "Loving Katharine," start with "Knowing Katharine."


Sunday, July 29, 2018

Exciting News!

I have some exciting news to share--I've put all of my books on Kindle Unlimited. Yep, each and every one of them. I've been doing okay with them in all outlets and in services such as Scribd. However, I wanted to see how they might do in KU. So, here they are, at least for a few months! I'll highlight a book every once in a while to refresh your memory/see if it tickles your fancy.

The link to my Amazon author page where you should be able to find all of my works is here:

Today, we'll look at "Reality Lesbian." Imagine a mix of lesbians and "The Bachelor" reality TV, and you have "Reality Lesbian"! For even more fun, you get a sequel too, the aptly titled, "Reality Lesbian 2."


In "Reality Lesbian," Lucy Marshall can’t believe it when her gay best friend, Henry, tells her that he applied for her to be on a lesbian dating show. First of all, she’s straight. Second of all, she’s straight. (And third of all, she’s straight!) When the show expresses interest in casting Lucy, Henry urges her to shove aside her guilt and misgivings. She needs the vacation. She needs the job connections. No one goes on reality TV to find true love, so what is the harm if she pretends to be gay?

Dr. Zara Winters is the lead on “Will You Marry Me?” She’s dark, brooding and sexy as hell. Their immediate and intense attraction brings out Lucy’s competitive nature, and she questions everything she thought she knew about herself. Can Lucy tell Zara the truth? How will Zara react? What about Zara’s connections with the other contestants, who include a gorgeous international model and a hot twenty-three-year-old with whom Zara has obvious physical attraction?

Tune in to your e-reader to find out!

US link:
UK link:

Friday, February 23, 2018

"Strange Bedfellows" Deal

Hey, Kindle bargain hunters! My novel “Strange Bedfellows” is on sale for a few days at $2.99 (normal price $6.99). To grab a copy:


Frances Dourne, head of Gay Is a Choice, seems to be a shining example for ex-gays. What people do not know is that she is deeply unhappy. She is ready to come out of the closet and be true to herself. She seeks help and feedback—and okay, maybe a sexual treat or two—from a high-class call girl.